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4pcs 18650 Battery and Battery Charger for 3.7V AA AAA 18650 IMR Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries with Green/Red LED Display

3.7V Li-ion battery quality will provide ultra strong power for your devices to performance well and operate longer. WIDELY USED: Battery appliances such as your flashlights, emergency lighting, portable devices, power tools

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Product description
Product description

Battery charger encountered what problems?

Charger needs 110V power supply - May cause fire;

USB Port not supported - Can not be used for car, travel, outdoor sports.

Charger fixed battery size - Other sizes are not supported.

GRACETOP Battery Charger will give you the best product experience.

5V low voltage design - Low voltage can prevent the occurrence of fire.

USB Universal Plug Design - Can be used in any environment, power bank, car, computer, USB power adapter.

Charger slider design - Can support more size batteries, such as: 26650, 1650,14500,16340 battery.

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